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    revamping overland conveyors at copper mine in Chile Two overland conveyors at a copper and molybdenum concentrate mine were suffe - ring from drive failures and vibration ... extreme conditions at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level where sub-zero temperatures are common. The customer's

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    This belt conveys gold ore at an angle of up to 18. It is the steepest overland conveyor belt worldwide. The Strongest Conveyor Belt. 24,000 m (78,740 ft) of a PHOENOCORD® St 7800 were supplied to the Los Pelambres mine in Chile in 1999. The effective belt breaking strength is 8,500 N/mm (48,500 piw).

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    1100 Km Gas Pipeline with average altitude of 3000 over see level for 30MCMD. ... - Overland Conveyor of 34 km - Stockpiling and barge loading Port in Brazil. ... - Full Project definitions, selection and land acquisition for conveyor path and ports.

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    The mine is located at an altitude of approximately 2,100m-2,800m above sea level. Simberi Gold Mine, Simberi Island. ... The overland conveyor stretches and winds from the Hidden Valley Kaveroi pit down to the processing plant adjacent to the Hamata pit.

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    Overland conveyor systems are a cost-effective alternative to trucks for hauling aggregates like sand and gravel over long distances. A single 42 wide conveyor can move as much per hour as a small fleet of trucks. Invest in overland conveyors and see those energy, labor, and maintenance savings go straight to the bottom line.

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    Feb 07, 2003· Selecting the Optimal Conveyor Drive This paper suggests several mechanical, electrical, and software ideas that will enable conveyor designers to optimize conveyor reliability and "maintainability" without the need for large investments in equipment and design time. It introduces the concept of internally powered conveyor belt drives and offers generally applicable belt drive design

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    gearless conveyor drives, electrical equipment for power supply, energy distribution and automation of a new underground and overland conveyor system at the worlds largest open pit copper mine. Project management and engineering for the full electrical, control and instrumentation ... altitude difference of 1,200 m and covers a distance of ...

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    MV Drive control of conveyors Conveyor applications: Mine conveyors are critical to their process, reliability is paramount Different dynamics and control requirements are encountered depending on conveyor configuration Uphill, downhill, level or combination of these Different lengths, tension control systems Single or ...

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    Jul 20, 2016· Advanced Svendborg Brakes systems for overland conveyors at Escondida mine. Located at 3,200 m above sea level in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, the Escondida mine currently produces more than 1.1 Mt/y of copper. In 2015, the massive open pit mine also saw byproduct output of some 88,000 oz of gold and 4.8 Moz of silver. In 2012, the ...

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    pad combined with three downhill overland conveyors with a total elevation drop of 207 m (679 ft.). Meeting High Expectations for High Altitude Mine Conveyors Advanced braking systems by Svendborg Brakes selected for overland conveyors at Escondida mine in Chile Model BSFK 535 caliper brakes (left) are installed on the OLAP conveyors and Model

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    Fig. 14: To optimize the amount of material carried on a 6 mile long German overland conveyor, a laser scanner measures material cross section on the belt while another sensor measures belt speed. The control system continuously interprets this data in order to optimize the material fill factor on the overland conveyors.

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    An elevation view of the conveyor is shown in Figure 1. A schematic of the head pulley layout is shown in Figure 2. A cross section of the load on the belt is shown in Figure 3. The critical stations along the conveyor route are tabulated below in Table 1. KC-2A starts in 180 seconds.

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    overland conveyor to transport copper ore 5km from mine to plant SPECIAL FEATURES High tonnage system with complex geometry (176m incline followed by 296m decline) requiring complex controls for part load conditions, incorporating very tight compound horizontal and vertical curves, operating in high altitude alpine environment with significant ...

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    The crushed product is transported using an overland conveyor belt to a coarse ore stockpile with a combined live and dead capacity of 500,000 tonnes. Semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mills are followed by pebble crushing, with separate grinding of a portion of the crushed pebbles and the remainder brought back to the SAG mills.

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    Jan 01, 2016 · Radial conveyor stacking systems commonly include the following equipment: One or more long (overland) conveyors that transport the ore from the preparation plant to the heap. Typically, these consist of conveyors up to 150 m long. A series of 815 grasshopper conveyors to transport the ore across the active heap area. Read More

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    A metal mine in the Western US with long overland conveyors was having trouble with dust and carryback. The mine had to work with a high altitude location which resulted in cold weather and low humidity, long conveyor length, sticky material capable of hardening like concrete, and limited water.

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    Los Pelambres is located at an altitude of 3,200m in the mountains to the north of Santiago. ... Trucks feed an FFE Minerals 60in x 110in primary gyratory crusher, while a sophisticated overland conveyor system engineered by ThyssenKrupp transports the ore 13km to the stockpile at the concentrator, which is down at 1,620m asl. ...

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    Typically, theres only one overland conveyor, and the TSF can be anywhere from 1 km to 20 km away from the mine. Whereas, if youre implementing a partial dewatering solution and theres an issue with the conveyor, say its down for a few days, then instead of having a completely redundant system, you can just use the original TSF.

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    Gearless drive systems for conveyors or mills can simplify installation, increase machine efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, according to a company thats been a pioneer in the technology. A Siemens gearless drive system powers a. 6.5-km-long overland conveyor belt at

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    Sep 28, 2020· ABB provided the engineering design, GCDs, electrical equipment for power supply, as well as the energy distribution and automation of the new underground and overland conveyor system. The project is the first transportation system in the world to employ premium steel cable belt technology, ST10000, for use on uphill tunnel conveyors.

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    Overland Conveyor Co was selected to provide specialized design support for the development of unique and custom control algorithms for a 11.6 km overland. The system consists of several individual conveyors totaling over 14.5 km in length with the 11.6 km centerpiece curving horizontally down a

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    overland conveyors, main power transformer, and switchgears. Tailings . According to the . ITRR Report, the concentrator is located 4 km. WNW of the pit at an altitude of 2,160 masl and the tailings dam is located 4 km. WNW from the concentrator, with its lowest part at 1,950 masl. Figure 2 shows the layout of the pit, concentrator and

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    Antapaccay is the first mine using gearless drives for ore conveying and grinding. Antapaccay is a brownfield expansion of the Tintaya copper mine. The deposit is scheduled to produce 160,000 tons of copper in concentrate per year during at least in the first few years of its minimum 20 years mine life.

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    Aug 25, 2016· The OLAP, commissioned in 2014, features a robust leaching pad combined with three downhill overland conveyors with a total elevation drop of 207 m (679 ft.). The entire three-flight conveyor system spans 4,778 m (2.9 miles) in length

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    Worlds Longest Ore Conveyor. March 9, 2014. AMR. 8 Min Read. [hr] Like a lindworm, the flightless dragon of Norse legend, the conveyor belt snakes out of the tunnel at the end of the Valle del Choapa. It is a dragon that devours mountains. Never-ending heaps of light-colored crushed rock travel down the 1.80-m-wide belt toward the valley.

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    Jun 14, 2019· 1.4 Mile Overland Mine Conveyor Problem: Backstops were required on a 1.4 mile long, 71in. wide, belt conveyor system in a remote mine in western Australia to prevent uncontrolled runback in the event of an unplanned power outage or mechanical failure.

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    The conveyor system was recognised in August 1993 by receiving a 1993 Projects and Systems Award from the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 9. Conclusions. As part of the development of the new Landau Colliery, a 3.2 km overland conveyor, with tight horizontal curves, was designed, commissioned and is running successfully.

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    The steepest Overland Conveyor Belt worldwide 5,500 m of PHOENOCORD® St 4000 are operat-ing in the Pierina mine in the Andean Cordillera. This belt conveys gold ore at an angle of up to 18°. It is the steepest overland conveyor belt worldwide.

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    Letseng Diamond Mine, Tailings Disposal System, Maluti Mountains (Altitude 3000m), 2008 Material Diamond Tailings Capacity 700 tph (900 mm Belt Width) System Features: 1,5km Overland Conveyor with Fixed Tripper and Multiple Discharge Points. 1km long Tail -Driven Downhill Extendable Conveyors (2 off) with Rail -Mounted Tripper and 18m Boom

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    three conveyors; two with four motors each and one with three motors. Two 20 MW conveyors are used to transport the ore to the surface, over-coming a significant elevation change of about 1000 meters. The second conveyor feeds into a slightly smaller, 15 MW, overland conveyor. Conveyor designs with such high power is only

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    Mar 16, 2014· fed limestone from a new quarry two miles west by a very long overland conveyor. However, the rest of the quarry will be converted to a large industrial & multipurpose park, which will feature a jet-capable airfield down the center from northwest to southeast.

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    Sep 28, 2020· The three principal 11,000tph conveyors feature gearless conveyor drives (GCDs) equipped with large ABB AC synchronous motors with a rated power of 5MW each, resulting in a motor shaft torque of about 900kNm. With every line in constant use,

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    Overland conveyors feed two secondary crushers, and two mill trains each consisting of a 40 foot diameter 28 megawatt SAG mill twinned with a 44 foot length 22 megawatt Ball mill. The grinding mills are amongst the largest of their type currently operating in the world. ... with employees working on appropriate rotations suited to high-altitude ...

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    Two 20MW conveyors transport the ore from the open pit operation to the surface, overcoming an elevation change of around 1,300m, while the second conveyor feeds into a slightly smaller, 15MW, overland conveyor. Each conveyer is around 3km long, which means at this length it overcomes around 600m of altitude.

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    Sep 28, 2020· This results in saving around 130 million litres/y of gasoline consumption, bringing the carbon emissions from 340,000 t/y down to 100,000 t/y. It is also the first transportation system in the world to employ premium steel cable belt technology, ST10000, for use on uphill tunnel conveyors, according to ABB.