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    SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT (Job Safety Analysis Worksheet) Pictures of a Typical Genie Telehandler ... drop off that a complete Risk Assessment has been carried out. Operate Telehandler . Shifting/Lifting the Load . ... Crushing (Squashing): Plant tipping or


    - Mobile plant, Confined space, Possible excavation/tunnel works (1.5m or over), Road side works ... 4B Clients Site Induction or Risk assessment MUST be completed prior to any works commencing. Assess intended excavation site: ... - Crushing - Exposure to fluids/air under pressure -

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    Method Statement Form SF 25 Rev: 05 Page 7 of 17 8. All fuel containers to be marked up and stored on a bunded area in a locked container. 9. All small plant and stationary equipment to be placed on plant nappies at all times. 10. Spill Kits are to be made available in designated areas of the site and their locations highlighted with signage


    ASSESS THE RISK (What could happen) R . I . S . K. CONTROLS THAT WILL BE USED (Safe Work Procedures) Operation of EWP . Crushing (Squashing): warning signs. Tools or material falling from Platform. Someone being crushed when slewing, raising or lowering Platform . 3 . 4 Barricade off work area and place Clear all personnel from the area


    METHOD STATEMENT & RISK ASSESSMENT INTRODUCTION The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 places a duty on employers to assess and manage risks to their employees and others arising from work activities. We recognise that risk assessments are the most important part of effective health and safety management.

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    Mar 11, 2015· A full working method statement and specific risk assessment should be produced for all works involving a mobile crusher. This document is

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    The procedure below covers the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment that involves on the project sites related with the operation and maintenance of heavy earth moving plant and machineries.. Earthmoving usually involves the operation of large, heavy and cumbersome vehicles in an environment easily affected by the weather.

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    and poor ground conditions will be controlled through risk assessments and method statements appropriate to the specific situation and will be in accordance with the HSE approved guidance. H&S OBJECTIVES/STANDARDS FOR THE PROJECT H&S Objectives / Standards HCCC aims to achieve the following objectives/standards while carrying out the ...

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    Phillip Island Nature Park Risk Assessment & SWMS template Control Copy Page 1 of 9 Version 3.0 Created: 12/8/15 Risk Assessment & Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) List Activity here: Education talks at the Penguin Parade, the Nobbies Centre and on the Summerland Peninsula DOCUMENT No SMS2-6-012B DOCUMENT CONTROLLER:

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    Method Statement Client Gary Fletcher (Surfacing) Ltd Address Generic Documentation Date 15/11/2016 Prepared By C L Brown / J Sanders Designation External Safety Advisors. Gary Fletcher (Surfacing) Ltd Health & Safety Documentation Rev 11 Head Office: Birch House, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 2XR


    GRADER - Plant risk & hazard assessments can be carried out onsite, in or at the place of work. A comprehensive GRADER plant risk & hazard report, inspection compliant safety sticker are issued on completion. Call today for great discounts on more than 1 item plant risk assessment.

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    Aug 27, 2020· Method statements are widely used in construction as a means of controlling specific health and safety risks that have been identified (perhaps following the preparation of a risk assessment), such as lifting operations, demolition or dismantling, working at height, installing equipment, the use of plant, and so on.

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    1.4 Approved Contractors for movement of site cabins and banksman to be present. Method Statement/Risk assessment must be approved prior to permitting works to be carried out, sub contractors schedule must be completed. 1.5 All operatives to wear high visibility vest / jackets.

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    This method statement was prepared by: J. Surebrick. Date: 19/01/11. (Note - this method statement has been developed using the site specific risk assessment, the designers residual risk register, Health and safety in excavations - Be safe and shore (HSG185),

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    A method statement draws together the information compiled about the various hazards and the ways in which they are to be controlled for any particular job from the conclusions of the risk assessments. A method statement also takes account of a company's health and safety organisation and training procedures and may include arrangements to deal ...

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    appropriate risk assessment Hired plant items without provided risk assessments Items of plant where modifications are made that may affect safe use of that item Plant to be used for any other purpose than for which it was designed Items of major plant for which a risk assessment has not been completed for three years.

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    Risk Before Control Measures Risk After Person Responsible Step 1 Complete Job Hazard Assessment, SWMS, & Daily Plant Inspection Unknown hazards Incorrect procedures Incorrect protective equipment 3/H 1/L Supervisor Work Crew Step 2 Planning Personal Injury: crushing being hit by falling object hit by moving vehicle slips, trips, falls

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    Dec 03, 2013· These will apply to the operation of crushers supplied by any other company. All Crusher operatives will be fully briefed on this method statement. Risk Assessment

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    Posted in Civil Engineering Methods Method Statement for Civil Works Method Statements Risk Assessment Method Statement & Risk Assessment for Demolishing and Removal of Fence and Shelters The purpose of this method statement is to illustrate how the existing fence and shelters will be removed from site in proper and safe way.

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    Crushers remain a potential serious risk to persons even when the equipment has been de-energised and isolated because a release of a blockage can release a huge amount of stored energy. Tramp metal is a common cause of blockages and can often expose people to risk during clearance operations, the sudden, uncontrolled release of energy can ...

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    Environmental Risk Assessment1.30 Мб. Appendix 4 Report Number 633.10277 Appendix 4 Environmental Risk Assessment SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd Tarrawonga Coal Projectservice facilities; use of an existing on-site mobile crusher for coal crushing and screening of up to 150,000 tonnes of domestic specification coal per annum.

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    WRAC is a specific qualitative risk assessment method designed to be applied when an organisation wants to understand its risks and clearly identify the priority or highest risks in its operation. 5. Standards . ... (e.g. fixed plant, conveyors, crushers, screens, mobile

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    For value of 0.9 or more ±0.03; For value between 0.8 and 0.9 ±0.04; For values of 0.8 or less ±0.05; Water/ Cement Ratio:. The water/cement ratio as estimated from the results of slump test section as above, or when required by the client, determined by samples from any batch shall not vary by more than 5% from the specified maximum value or the value established during the trial mixes ...

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    2003 when the plant was shutdown and decommissioning work started on various parts of .... Implementation Plan, Contractor's Method Statement, Risk Assessments and Work ..... crusher and returned to the tower basins to be used as infill. Read more

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    CMB continually promote awareness of health and safety issues and work closely with our customers on-site to maintain minimal risk. Risk assessment and Method Statement Comprehensive and logical risk assessments and method statements are produced following a thorough assessment to meet the specific requirements; ensuring the safe and successful ...

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    an initial risk assessment and a design brief must be compiled. Engage a qualified temporary works designer. Spoil, plant or work materials must not be placed immediately adjacent to the excavation edge. Support systems must be installed into position without delay as work proceeds. A method statement should be prepared and adhered to.

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    Relevant risk assessments: The attached risk assessment will be followed. 1 . All drivers have completed the A50 CPCS course on the safe operation of lorry loader and are working towards NVQ level 2 for lorry loader operators. 2. All plant and equipment is maintained and thoroughly examined in accordance with PUWER and LOLER.

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    A method statement is an ideal way of recording the hazards involved in a specific work activity and communicating the risk and precautions required to all those involved in the work, including those undertaking the work and their immediate managers. A method statement should be developed in conjunction with a risk assessment and


    PLANT HAZARD AND EQUIPMENT RISK ASSESSMENT CONTROL MEASURES Plant obstructing other plants at site. Unauthorised use by untrained personnel. Unintended use of duplicate controls while working. Hearing loss or communication interference due to excessive noise. Use of the plant as a crane of lifting device other than MEWP.

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    Plant On Site: 1 x Mobile Crusher 3 x Demolition Excavators ranging from 20-40 Tonnes ... 4.3 All Plant and Equipment will be isolated, secured ... Method Statement and risk/other Assessments Statutory notices Copies of plant operators licences (CPCS) ...

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    Sep 10, 2019· A Risk Assessment & Method Statement is used to describe in a logical sequence exactly how work is to be carried out using safe practices and without risks to health. It should include all the risks previously identified in the risk assessment and the measures needed to control those risks.

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    Dec 09, 2020· This plant risk assessment template has 13 categories to check for plant risks such as fire, suffocation, electricity, cutting, crushing, ergonomics, noise, temperature, and other possible risks in a plant. iAuditor templates can be edited to suit the needs of your business.

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    Where other options are to be considered they should be subject to a detailed and thorough risk assessment. The crusher should be shut off and isolated before considering the use of bars and hand hammers. Careful consideration should be given to the risk of large pieces of feed material moving and causing trap or crush injuries.


    Overall Risk. is calculated by multiplying the figure for Severity (S) and Likelihood (L). The overall risk figure calculated is related to the Risk Level of either Low: 1 to 3; Medium: 4 to 6 or High: 7 to 9 . NB . This is a generic risk assessment only . It is advisable to carry out a site-specific assessment prior to using this equipment.

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    4.2 Risk assessments . Risk Assessments are carried out as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and related Approved Code of Practice (ACOP). The Risk Assessment method is based upon numeric rating, as detailed in the Risk Category Table.

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    Plant and Equipment Loading / Unloading Work Method Statement This document is uncontrolled when printed Version Number: 5.0 Date Reviewed: 19 April 2016 Page 1 of 4 Plant and Equipment Loading / Unloading Warning You cannot undertake this activity in the rail corridor unless you have completed a pre work brief and work site protection plan.

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    Note1: Risk Assessment & Method Statement must be approved by a Contracts Manager for activities agreed as high risk. All other RAMS must be approved by a competent person excluding the author. ... All plant and machinery secured and immobilised when not attended by plant operators.


    RISK RATING SYSTEM +12 Very High Risk Find alternative method; if necessary involving CDM Coordinator and Design Team. 8-12 High Risk If possible use alternative method. If not, implement further control measures Method Statement sections below must be completed. 4-6 Medium Risk Control measures needed. 1-3 Low Risk No further action needed.

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    Generic method statement & risk assessment for the removal of portable accommodation units and/or shipping containers and/or other loads requiring lifting. N.B. This document is to be regarded as a generic assessment only; when available, site specific method statements and risk assessments will take precedence. Method Statement 1. Access and ...