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  • Olive Processing Machinery - GWI

    GWIs High efficiency Olive Processing systems provide the highest quality yield in bulk bin dumping, separating, cleaning, washing, rinsing, sizing, distribution, and bulk packing.

  • Elektronik | Conveyor belts for harvesting vegetables

    2019-10-22 · Description-Conveyor belts are design to be assembled on tractor trailer and to be driven by tractors hydraulic pump.-Height of conveyors is 1m and it is suitable for harvesting different types of vegetables (paprika, broccoli, cauliflower).-Harvested products are being transported to box pallet on the trailer.-When the box pallets are full, structure rests on the

  • Olives Where do you want to go today?

    Olives. An Olive Processing Plant. ... From there, conveyors move them into the plant. Along the way, regular samples are collected to determine the quality of the incoming crop. Weight allowances are calculated based on the percentage of leaves and stems. Inside the plant, everything is automated to get the best out of the olives and separate ...

  • Blanchers - Ezma

    Ezma offers a wide range of blanchers for the appropriate heat treatment for the product: e.g. legumes, olives, vegetables, corn and rice; rotary, Integrated and Immersion blanchers with different production capacities and automation.

  • GoVets Online Store

    GoVets is the only Veteran-Owned online store in the USA that offers millions of products with free shipping on all items within the 48 contiguous United States. Our growing customer base includes businesses, enterprises, resellers, federal, state and local government buyers, and patriotic consumers.

  • Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer - Key Technology

    VERYX ® transforms digital sorting with a modular platform of chute-fed and belt-fed sorters to meet your unique and specific needs.. Key Technologys belt-fed and chute-fed VERYX ® sorters utilize cutting edge food technology, such as Pixel Fusion, which uses a high-resolution camera and laser sensors to view food product at the exact same time and place.

  • Velec Systems - High Speed Counting, Loading & Packing ...

    We are the specialists in the engineering and manufacturing of complete lines for the food and money industry. We develop complete turnkey solutions, from sorting and handling of bare products before and after processing to primary and secondary packaging and all types of palletising solutions.

  • Eagle Vale Olives | Our Story

    Eagle Vale Olives offers a quality range of olive products unique to Western Australia. With a strong heritage of more than 20 years in the olive business, Eagle Vale Olives is committed in delivering quality products to consumers. From Marinated Green and Kalamata Olives to award winning Extra Olive Oil to Tapenade and Dukkah, you will find all our olive products as

  • Methods of Precooling Produce | MACS Cooler

    Reasons for Precooling. Precooling is a very important step in the post-harvest stage of the perishable-produce industry. Precooling means quickly removing the heat from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to reduce the loss in quality of produce once its been picked. Likewise, precooling increases the shelf-life of fresh produce.

  • Home - Smart MAK

    Food Production Lines Manufacturing. Smart Company was established for the manufacture of automatic packaging and packaging lines, equipment for washing, cleaning, sorting and packing dates and food production lines to be one of the first companies in the world to work in this field.

  • Fruits - Jams - Ezma

    A solution for each product. Ezma offers customised technological solutions for fruit and jam production processes: Complete lines and individual equipment adapted to the type of product and customer needs.

  • Grape harvester machine Gregoire G10.330

    2021-5-11 · The G10.330, designed to harvest super-intensive olive groves, is equipped with the ARC harvester head. With 3520mm of sealing, a height of 2500mm, a 1050mm wide harvesting tunnel, 36 shakers and two large capacity bins, the G10.330 is the perfect machine for high yields.

  • Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer - Key Technology

    Key Technology is a leading global food processing machinery manufacturer. Applying unmatched processing knowledge and application expertise, Key helps customers worldwide improve quality, increase yield and reduce cost.

  • Diefenbach - The strongest filter-presses in the world

    The target of the presses was the squeezing of the olives, process that needed, at the end, the cleaning of the product through the aid of filter presses, also made by Diefenbach. In the 1950 the company focuses the production exclusively on the filter presses, able to filtrate oils and purifies the industrial wastewater.

  • Olive Harvesting, Olive Oil Processing & Storage | SWAT

    SUBSCRIBE TO OUR OLIVE EMAIL CAMPAIGNS HERE! CAMPAGNOLA Olive Harvesters SWAT sells the unique Campagnola Alice electromechanical olive harvester. This olive harvester with its side to side and elliptical dual rake motion is proving efficient at removing olives from unpruned trees. SWAT sells and stocks a wide range of Campagnola tools and spare parts.

  • A BORRELL - Machinery for olives

    2021-3-24 · The cleaning and washing machines have a strong chassis. This "resistant skeleton" gives the machine a great robustness and facilitates the dismantling to gain access to the inside and to carry out the corresponding maintenance and cleaning. All these products are available for any capacity and made of carbon steel, stainless steel or mixed with stainless steel in the

  • Diefenbach - The strongest filter-presses in the world

    The target of the presses was the squeezing of the olives, process that needed, at the end, the cleaning of the product through the aid of filter presses, also made by Diefenbach. In the 1950 the company focuses the production exclusively on the filter presses, able to

  • Conveyor belts for olives Polinamic srl

    NAMIGREEN product line. ERRINGBONE BELTS. Belts specifically designed for the transportation of olives. The original design, developed by Polinamics R&D, optimizes the olives transportation phase by increasing the capacity and improving the drainage of fluids compared to conventional conveyors.

  • Thermoplastic conveyor belts in olive milling and oil ...

    Spain is the worlds leading olive oil producer and esbelt is proud to play a part in bringing quality olive oil to the world.. During the primary processing, harvested olives are transported from one process to another on esbelt chevron conveyor

  • Olives - Ezma

    Olives A solution for each product Ezma offers a wide experience in performing technological solutions in the process table olives: full line, individual equipment and optimization of lines.

  • Magnetic Separation Equipment | Magnetic Separators ...

    Magnetic Separation We make permanent Magnetic Separation Equipment for any application, suitable for almost any industry.; Metal Detection Designed to monitor gravity-fed products, pneumatically conveyed materials on belts, & liquids and slurries in pipes.; Material Handling Equipment A large lineup of material handling equipment for the Recycling, Metal Stamping, Plastics and Food industries.

  • Olives - Tecnoceam

    2021-5-4 · The machine is suitable to weigh, crumble and mix a wide range of vegetables to obtain pasty finished products like pesto (basil Genovese pesto, dried tomatoes pesto), patés (artichokes, olives, mushrooms, etc.), chickpeas hummus, tahini, creams, sauces, vegetables or fruits mashes, etc.

  • Machinery Manufacturers - oliveaustralia

    2009-6-25 · Some of the machines they produce are olive slicers, olive size and blemish graders, fruit conveyors, olive cleaning machines and of course their pitting machines which can pit, stuff and recap up to 2,000 olives per minute! Mechanical Harvesting Equipment

  • » Nachos - TurboChef

    Quantity: 1 serving Cooking Medium: Solid Non-Stick tray with parchment paper, part # i1-9496. Set Temperature: 500°F / 260°C Cook Time: 1:30

  • G167 : Olives, Harvesting - Gregoire Group : Grégoire ...

    The watertightness length of 3521mm combined to the 350mm wide conveyors, assure a quick harvest, an efficient cleaning and a total care of the olives with no loss at the rear of the machine. Regardless of the specificities developed for the olives, the G167 model is also able to harvest grapes, stainless steel bins available to replace the ...

  • How olives is made - material, manufacture, making ...

    From the bins, the olives are deposited onto conveyors and moved past a blower that blasts leaves and tree and dirt particles off the fruit. They are washed in pure water and placed in 55 gal (2001) barrels. 4 For brine curing of green olives, 12-14% salt and water are added to the barrels filled with olives. ...

  • Sorting Archivi - Turatti Group

    2021-5-14 · Designed and manufactured utilizing the most accurate and updated ergonomic and sanitation criteria, this Turatti sorting table meets all requirements. In addition to a careful design for maximum utilization of production space, this system includes a combination of belt and roller conveyors to allow a wide range of flexibility.

  • Polinamic srl

    Custom belts specifically designed for olives conveyors. Process and conveyor belts. Design and production of belts for transport and process in various industrial applications. Services. CAD designed belts for special applications. Maintenance and repair service. Mesh (Gauze) Belts.

  • ASR 300 Multipick - TVI

    The product conveyors are loaded semi-automatically from a bunker. The operators check the position of the products and correct only the position and fill empty cavities. This cuts down on manual work significantly. The machine reliably separates round sticks, flag sticks or

  • Nut, Fruit & Berry Processing - Layton Systems

    2021-2-18 · cherries, olives and other products. The Layton Velvet Air Multicleaner is a versatile, soundly engineered unit that will. quickly and efficiently clean very dirty products. In-plant studies have shown that a. 1000 Unit can cut labor costs up to 80%. The secret of the 1000 Units ability to give you a higher quality finished product is

  • Industrial conveyors / conveyors systems for food industry

    Screw elevator is intended to transport grape marc / bagasse. It also suitable for processing olives. This type of elevator is great for such production spheres as fruit processing, wine and olive oil production. The machine is made in two models with 3 000 and 4 000 mm length. For more information, send us an email to [email protected]

  • Our Story | Dandaragan Estate Ultra Premium Extra ...

    With our very own processing unit consisting of stainless steel fermentation tanks, conveyors, washing machines, de-leafers, de-stemmers, de-branchers, grading machines and pitting machines; Wickham Olive Grove has the biggest capacity to handle brinning, grading and processing of table olives.

  • New Braud 9090X Olive - CNH Industrial

    2020-10-30 · designed for cleaning olives. The cleaning conveyors are optimised for an even crop distribution. The cleaning always occurs when the crop is in freefall, for better effectiveness on lightweight material. All new Braud 9090X Olive are fitted with a 460mm wide high capacity cleaning conveyor for a better crop conveying and